De-Listing Announcement


MSM Corporation International Limited (ASX: MSM) (“MSMCI” or the “Company”) advises that today, shareholders of the Company passed a special resolution to delist the Company from the Official List of the ASX (Delisting).

As the Company’s securities are not readily able to be traded, the usual condition that the removal of an entity must not take place any earlier than one month after security holder approval has been obtained, has not been imposed, on the basis that the Company’s securities are suspended from official quotation.

The Delisting will therefore occur tomorrow, 23 November 2021, from close of trading. The Company is not undertaking a share sale facility or other facility for shareholders to dispose of their securities in the Company. Security holders who wish to sell their securities will need to find a buyer for their securities and complete a standard offmarket transfer form and provide it to the Company’s share registry, Advanced Share
Registry at, for processing.

We refer shareholders to the Company’s Notice of AGM released on 19 October 2021 and ASX announcements released on 12 and 21 October 2021, for further information.

Following the Delisting, the Company will endeavour to provide updates on its website, will engage with shareholders at its annual general meeting and any general meetings and will post or email information required to be sent to shareholders in the manner and time periods required by the Corporations Act.

We encourage thoseshareholders that have not already provided the share registry with their email information, to logon to the Advanced Share Registry website at, and follow the prompts to update your details online. You will need your HIN or SRN number, and current postcode to log in.

This announcement is authorised by the MSMCI Board.

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